South Asian Dance Academy

Bringing Cultural & Historic Dance Forms to the People of Northern Ireland

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SADA group at Belfast Mela 2010

The South Asian Dance Academy

ArtsEkta prides itself in showcasing innovative projects that will cherish the individual artist and encourage diversity.

This is especially true with the South Asian Dance Academy, which brings Kathak, one of the most important cultural and historic dance forms of South Asia, to the people of Northern Ireland.


What is Kathak?

Historically, Kathak is the classical dance style much revered by South Asians in Northern Ireland. It is important because it is part of the fabric of South Asian’s cultural and historical heritage.

The word Kathak comes from ‘kathars’ or storytellers who, from two thousand years ago, used their craft as a source of income as they travelled through the Indian subcontinent entertaining the public.


How does it Work?

This project engages local people across school and community settings and educates them as to the meaning and purpose of ‘Kathak’ story telling through workshop activities.

Project participants then showcase Kathak performances live at ArtsEkta’s annual festivals which include Belfast Mela, Diwali & Samhain and Festival of Colours, all of which attract an accumulative audience of over 40,000 people.


SADA Pilot Programme 

Click here to download the SADA Pilot Programme publication outlining the success of the first year of the programme and the roots of Kathak dance and storytelling. 


For more information

For further information on the South Asian Dance Academy contact us on 028 9023 1381 or fill in the form below. 



South Asian Dance Academy


Belfast Mela 2011 Choreography