Festival of Colours

Celebrating Culture, Colour & Creativity

ArtsEkta's Festival of Colours promises the biggest colour frenzy to ever hit Belfast. Known across the globe as India's most energetic and vibrant holiday, the 'Festival of Colours' or 'Holi' (which translates to 'Colour' in Hindi) celebrates the arrival of Spring in a truly spectacular fusion of colour, culture and creativity.

The Festival of Colours will return in 2015, but if you can't wait until then this year's Mela celebrations will feature a very special colour powder party in the park! Not to be missed! Keep updated at the festival website.


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Festival of Colours

Returns in 2015



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Festival of Colours

A vibrant splash of colour is set to brighten up Belfast 

Organised by the producers of the Belfast Mela, visitors will participate, learn and experience the vibrancy of South Asian culture and traditions through a fantastic programme of music, dance, visual arts and food.The line up is set to include traditional Punjabi folk dancing with live Dhol drumming as you have never seen it before, alongside a spectacular myriad of fresh local ethnic talent set to a backdrop of vibrant Bollywood dance beats.

The main highlight of the festival will be the a two hour long colour powder party where visitors will get the opportunity to throw brightly powdered colour among friends grooving to contemporary and classic Bollywood beats. 

ArtsEkta's Festival of Colours is the largest contemporary celebration of of the Indian Holi festival in the whole of Ireland, and with thousands expected to participate this is one cultural experience you will not want to miss! 

Check out photos from last year here.