Quality, Creativity & Innovation

ArtsEkta is established for the advancement of education and to promote ethnic arts to people from the north and south of Ireland regardless of age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnic identity, political or religious opinion. ArtsEkta unites the statutory authorities, community and voluntary organisations and  citizens in a common effort to promote integration and inclusion.

Indian stilts production at Mela 2010

Our Vision

To help shape an inclusive society which is respectful, embracing and reflective of multiple cultural identities living in Northern Ireland.

Our Mission 

To promote and support multi-cultural arts and artists in the community by:

  • Sharing the value of unique cultural experiences and;
  • Raising awareness and acceptance of different cultures through an innovative and creative programme of workshops, educational outreach and festivals.


Our Values

Inclusive: ArtsEkta ensures all its activities are open, flexible and welcoming to all cultures and sections of society;

Creative: ArtsEkta offers a unique and creative programme of activities which celebrates and showcases the diversity within our society;

Quality: ArtsEkta strives for excellence in all we do in order to provide high quality and effective leadership, and service to multiple sectors;

ArtsEkta’s board of directors, staff, artists and volunteers are committed to the ethos and vision of ArtsEkta

Governance & Accountability: ArtsEkta is committed to conducting its affairs based on the values of openness, transparency and honesty.


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