Posted: Thursday 23rd Feb 2017

Posted: Thursday 23rd Feb 2017

ArtsEkta has been shortlisted for funding from the Aviva Community Fund. We now need your help to help us secure this vital funding for our new project - The Gathering Place.

The Gathering Place is a communal space, especially for creative participation from local citizens, and brings people together no matter what their faith, colour, gender, abilities or sexual orientation. The space will be adaptable for different creative adventures including but not limited to; creative workshops and activities, music ventures, writing, spoken word and performances, communal meals - it is hoped that there will be a sense of ownership among the citizens that will help to co-design and co-create the Gathering Place. 

This project will connect diverse communities across Northern Ireland who share a love of creativity through an innovative programme of making, collaborating, constructing and discussing. The Gathering Place will be a sculptural installation around which outreach activities and creative gatherings will take place, and we believe this will encourage people to develop ties with thin the community. Participants will be offered opportunities to literally form the walls of this space from their own personal creative practices. The installation will develop and grow with the input of everyone, creating an ever-expanding structure which reflects the diverse and interconnected communities in Northern Ireland. 

Recognising that every person adds something to the whole, we will encourage participants to create a panel using their medium of choice which reflects their own personal creativity, to add to the whole Gathering Place. A professional artist will be commissioned to design and build a ‘Gathering Place’ structure which will incorporate these individual panels together to form the outer surface of the installation. We would love to have as much input as possible from a diverse range of people across Northern Ireland and we really need the funding to enable us to deliver these workshops! We believe that everyone has a story and voice and we want as many participants involved as possible! 

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