Cultural Coach Programme

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Roma & Irish language mural project


Polish artist residency in Shankill Spectrum Centre


One World Day

One World Day delivers short arts workshops in one day or half day sessions. Topics covered are varied and range from traditional crafts, music, dance, drama and visual arts. Your group could partake in ‘Rangoli’ – traditional Indian rice craft, calligraphy from various countries such as China or Japan, learn ‘Mehndi’ – hand painting with henna. 

The One World Day programme links diversity, community relations and equality through learning. The session serves to support and enhance the curriculum requirements under the citizenship and personal development modules, giving students and participants a well-rounded introduction to a given country. 

Journey Around the World

Journey Around the World is a more indepth introduction to a number of cultures. The programme is scheduled around key countries and learning targets. The group receives an introduction to a country each session and learns elements of the country’s culture in more detail. For example, we can structure sessions around a particular part of the globe, looking at South America or the Far East for instance.

Taking a group of countries such as India, China and Japan and exploring the culture, heritage, folklore, dance, music and legends of these countries, partcipants can have more meaningful engagement with learning

    Extended Programme

    In extended Cultural Coach programmes participants are enabled to work more closely with minorityand indigenous and these programmes can be tailored to your specifications,whether it be curriculum based, diversity, community relations or equality led.Programmes can be designed around one country or several, taking intoconsideration the history, heritage, music, dance, folklore, traditionalpractices, arts, crafts, culture, food language, history, geography and muchmore

    2014/15 Flagship Projects 

    Working with principal funding from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, ArtsEkta is able to develop partnerships with different groups to subsidise and develop major annual participatory arts projects with a professional showcase outcome. Our 2014/15 planned projects include: 

    1863-1913: The Port and Docks: Imagined through Textiles 

    Fantastical Animal Creatures 

    MAC Showcase: Roots & Classical Musical Orchestra 

    Intercultural Storytelling Festival 


    Further Information

    For further information on the Cultural Coach programme or to book our cultural facilitators contact Niamh Flanagan, programme co-ordinator on 028 9023 1381 or fill out the form below.