NI’s Leading World Arts Festivals

Bringing the cultures of the world to your doorstep

ArtsEkta delivers three of Northern Ireland’s most creative and unique multi-cultural festival concepts. Belfast Mela, the region’s largest multi-cultural festival; Diwali & Samhain, Ireland’s first Indo-Celtic fusion festival and; Festival of Colours, a unique spring time festival. Each festival has its roots in South Asian culture and traditions, however ArtsEkta has cleverly adapted them into civic multi-cultural celebrations that visibly embrace cultural diversity.  Attracting tens of thousands of people each year these festivals are a refreshing, innovative and popular offering in our country’s culture, arts and tourism scene.

Belfast Mela

Returns in August 2015

Festival of World Cultures

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Diwali & Samhain

Returns in 2016

A Magical Celebration of Indian & Irish Culture

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Festival of Colours


Celebrating Culture, Colour & Creativity

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