Uniting Hearts through the Arts

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Building on the organisation's first and second strategies delivered from 2006-2013, ArtsEkta has now developed its new strategy covering operations for the next three years 2014-2017. The overarching ethos of our new three year strategy is ‘Uniting Hearts through the Arts’. The primary focus will be on consolidating provision and maximising available resources within the organisation to produce high quality, best practice initiatives that are delivering positively on the interlinked themes of intercultural exchange, good relations and cultural diversity across the arts, education, tourism, community and heritage sectors. With this focus, comes a succinct development plan for the next three years which we are confident will continue to not only add a new cultural dimension to Northern Ireland, but scale up the quality of our services to strengthen provision to our multiple users.

Our Aims

For the next three years our operations are underpinned by six key strategic aims (SA) including: 

SA1: To design and deliver a bespoke outreach programme at the cutting edge of intercultural practice that uses arts and heritage across the education and community sectors in Northern Ireland. 

SA2: To design and deliver an annual programme of large scale cultural tourism events creating significant local social and economic impact alongside positive outward profiling for Northern Ireland 

SA3: To support the professional development of artists from local and minority ethnic communities to strengthen intercultural arts practice regionally  

SA4: To continue to position ArtsEkta as a cross sectoral and collaborative organisation that can be used as a key service provider for meeting a variety of different cross cutting strategies and polices, and advance the sector as a whole

SA5: To be a well resourced, fit for purpose and sustainable organisation 


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