Strategy for Sustainability

We are currently developing our new strategy which will cover operations from April 2014 - March 2017. If you would like to input into this strategy please contact us at

Building on the organisation's first strategy delivered from 2006-2009, ArtsEkta has now developed its new strategy for sustainability over the next three years. The main theme of this strategy is to continue building a strong, impactful and well resourced organisation,

Strategy for Sustainability: 2010-2013

supporting the delivery of our core services to achieve our mission and overarching vision which link the arts to community development, good relations and integration processes. 

Our Aims

  • To challenge perceptions, promote greater dialogue and understanding of diversity within our society;
  • To raise awareness and celebrate the diverse cultures within our society;
  • To build the capacity of minority ethnic artists, enabling their professional; development and supporting the delivery of ArtsEkta’s work;
  • To advocate and develop the sectoral position of ArtsEkta;
  • To be a well resourced, structured and sustainable organisation.

Document Downloads

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    Annual Report 2009-10

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    Annual Report 2010-11

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    Consultation Response to ACNI Intercultural Arts Strategy

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    Corporate Strategy 2010 - 2013